How To Get A Bitcoin Debit Card In India

Bitcoin is a new form of currency developed in 2009 by a person, still unknown who goes by the alias Satoshi Nakamoto.

In day to day money transfer process through banks, they take a large sum from commonmass as charges. If you want to avoid spending money on those charges, start using bitcoin. There is no middle man if you do money transfer in case of bitcoins and also there are no transaction charges as well.

The growth of bitcoin is increasing everyday with, over one million users at present using bitcoins for money transfer. It is also anonymous and safe to use, in case you don’t want your identity to be revealed, use bitcoins.

International payments are made easy as there are no inter country transfer fees, it just requires a click of a mouse and the exact amount will go to the receiver.

You can also take a bitcoin debit card as there are no card fees associated with it. India also has a high number of bitcoin users. So if you are wondering how to grab hold of a bitcoin debit card in India, read further.

Things You Need To Know Before Buying

India’s currency has been ever evolving. Every ruler issued a new coin with a new engraving, but since the day of digitalization, there is nothing stopping the Indians. Digital currencies are now used all over India. Bitcoin is one such digital currency or crypto currency.

If you expect to get caught using bitcoins, do not worry its completely untraceable and has no physical appearance in the world.

India got the first glimpse of bitcoin in December 2012, after that there has been a huge rise of bitcoin users in India with most of them opting for the bitcoin debit card India. The present worth of a bitcoin is, 1 bitcoin is 524755 Indian rupees, which are a lot right? Yes, so what are you waiting for get your very own bitcoin debit card in India for casino online.

Bitcoin Debit Card India: Pros And Cons

Pros: the advantages of getting bitcoin debit card India is limitless. You can sit on your computer and buy virtually anything with your bitcoin debit card. Any place accepting debit cards will also accept bitcoin debit card.

Cons: you need to deposit some money into the debit card account you are using to use your bitcoin debit card. Does not deposit a lot of bitcoins in your accounts as you might end up losing them in case of a hack? Apart from this, there are no cons of using bitcoin debit card in India.

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How To Get The Card

You can now bridge the traditional finance world with the digital world of money – via bitcoin debit cards. So what all can you do with your bitcoin debit card India?

You can either load your debit card with bitcoin or use the debit card to buy bitcoins which you can keep in your online e wallet. Some of the top companies issuing Bitcoin debit cards are –

  • Crypto Pay Debit Card – this company has over a million customers who bought bitcoin debit cards from them. Cryptopay bitcoin debit cards in India are two types either a plastic card or a virtual card. The customers do not have to give any identity proof to get these cards, and they can choose to remain anonymous.
  • Spectrocoin Debit Card– they offer prepaid cards which contain Bitcoin balance in them. You can use that card as an ATM or across any shop worldwide or in India. After spending the money, you can also load money into your debit card from your e bitcoin wallet. Also, these cards are found in all the currencies imaginable thus making it easier for us the bought stuff all over the world. These cards offer unlimited withdrawal with no upper limit whatsoever.
  • Uquid Debit Card– they issue debit cards in 178+ countries with no charges. Users of Uquid get the advantage of not just bitcoin but also 75 other crypto currencies. Do whatever you want with them, pay your bills, get food vouchers, buy medicine or simply go shopping!
  • Xapo Debit Card– this company was a game changer, the first in the market also the most reliable one. If you order it, it takes only 20-25 days to arrive at your doorstep.
  • Coinbase –the shift card is free of cost and requires no handling charges. For the debit purchases, it automatically withdraws the amount required from your virtual bitcoin wallet.

So these were some of the places from where you can get hold of a bitcoin debit card in India. They are super easy to use and safe as well. So you don’t need to worry about your identity while purchasing anything online.

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Mistakes To Avoid While Handling Bitcoin Debit Cards

Let’s list out some of the most common mistake people do while handling bitcoin debit cards and see how to stay away from them.

  • Don’t use exchange’s wallet for storing your bitcoins- do not use any third part services to store your bitcoins as then you give them all the access and control of handling your bitcoins. If they get hacked, you will lose all of your money and cannot claim it back. So always store the bitcoins in your very own bitcoin wallet.
  • Don’t all store bitcoins at one place- it’s always a better decision to distribute your bitcoin balance into various e wallets instead of keeping them in one specific place. This reduces the chances of losing all of your bitcoin balance at one go.
  • Don’t panic about price change- bitcoin is a very volatile digital currency so its normal for it to change its value concerning time. Do not freak out; the value is rising.
  • Don’t change currencies frequently- it’s better to stick to bitcoin than any other crypto currencies.

Hope, now you have a clear idea about bitcoins and its usefulness. So what are you waiting for? Grab the bitcoin debit card at the earliest.